THE WAREHOUSE. S/C Cradle of Humankind. Krugersdorp

DSC_0018 (2)So I have this very special friend, Zelda Nel Bezuidenhout, DSC_0026 (2)whom I met randomly one day a good ten years ago, (serendipity) and only recently does she tell me that she has, not ONE guesthouse, but FOUR guesthouses!!!!!  L’escape Eden Island in Seychelles, Harbour Place in Kalk Bay, Cape Town, Kondensmelk & Last Tango Vredefort Dome in Parys AND The Warehouse in the Cradle of Humankind near Krugersdorp!! (All fall under the banner of “Escapeology Self  Catering”) 

So you can imagine my DSC_0005 (2)excitement when she asked me to check out one of her places.  I could see myself already sipping cocktails and lying on the DSC_0125 (2)beach, catching up on my tan in the Seychelles . Seychelles it wasn’t to be!.  But I got to check out the next best place, which was THE WAREHOUSE. Man….. was I blown away!  (Still hoping to do the others though… ) As I entered the Clearview Estate and drove towards THE WAREHOUSE I just knew I was in for something special.  A BRIGHT RED WOODEN GATE!. A huge smile on my face, knowing that this is Zelda through and through.  . On being greeted by the fantastic staff, Donald, Modise and Yolanda, I entered into DSC_0135 (3)a vintage wonderland. If you think your “vintage” shop has it all, you need to seeDSC_0133 (3) this place.  From old wrought iron gates for balustrades (inside), pink, red and DSC_0044 (2)green vintage appliances, Art Decor and antique furniture and books, Persian rugs, old vintage radios, gorgeous old metal and wood signs, you name it, you will see it. But let me let the photos do the talking …  Need to add that none of the photos actually do THE WAREHOUSE justice unfortunately.  You will just have to book to stay and DSC_0114 (2)see for yourself.  To make a booking, please contact Zelda on their DSC_0040 (2)website To see the other establishments have a look at their website

DSC_0095 (3)

DSC_0141 (3)

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