FOR GOODNESS SAKE. The Bistro with Buzz.

Some time back I was surprised to see that what used to be The Warehouse Coffee Shop had changed hands and was now called “For Goodness Sake”. As a serious FOMO sufferer, I decided to pop in and see what what was going on.  To my surprise I found that the whole exterior and interior had been completely revamped to give it a part wood, part industrial feel and the place was pumping.  And to my delight I found  the executive chef was none other that the young, beautiful, vivacious Alexandra Sparrow, who studied at  HTA School of Culinary Art and  has worked at various popular restaurants like   De Hoek Country Hotel.  This definitely called for another visit, and on Sunday we decided to pop in for a “quick” breakfast.  I say “quick” because a breakfast or any meal at For Goodness Sake” is never a “quick” affair. We arrived and were immediate met by one of the waitresses who showed us to a table of our choice.  Alexandra came out from behind the walled and glass kitchen to greet us and tell us about all her specials that were on the menu for that day.  Alexandra is very creative and always experimenting with new menu’s and tastes to bring the best she can to the ‘table’.  I chose to try out the new Heirloom Basil Stack, while Captain Clever and the Bluebird went for the more traditional breakfasts like the Farmhouse Breakfast and delicious chicken livers on toast. Other delectable fair on the menu include the BEST lamburgers,  Chai latte with almond milk and oatmeal biscuit, ‘Berry Nice’ French toast, Beetroot latte (this I have to try) and so much more.  While there, we were able to meet with and chat to the new owner,  Helen D’Oliveira.  Helen is a delightful, happy person full of vision and ideas.  The great thing about Helen is that her visions and ideas don’t just remain that – visions and ideas.  She follows through and has already started on her projects for the betterment of the property she has purchased.  There are plans in place for a beer garden type set-up out back, a play area, a For Goodness Sake pop-in-pop-out coffee area (Cant give too much away yet), various workshops and so much more.  A big undertaking for anyone, and the fact that Helen has decided to tackle this project single highhandedly is just a great source of pride for me, to see what women are capable of with encouragement and support, and being given credit for just being awesome amazing women. This woman knows and goes for what she wants. So now you know….so don’t say I never told you!  As an added bonus, Dale Lambert has her ceramic art studio right next door!  or check out her website at  We at Shelbewhere and ‘Explored and Approved HOSPITALITY’ wish these girls every success in their new venture.  To contact them, give them a call on 082 789 4033 or check out their FB page at and leave a message.

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