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Something’s is in the pipeline… And we are all VERY excited.  Looking forward to the launch of the new CHECKT’IN – Explored & Approved Hospitality website and business. Here’s a little taster…

Why your hospitality/ tourism business should be quality rated.

Benefits of being quality rated for tourism businesses

Being associated with a reputable quality assurance company, such as CHECKT’IN – Explored & Approved Hospitality, can make a big difference to how customers view your business.

As well as letting your customers know that what you offer is of nationally recognised standard, being quality rated can also:

  • improve your reputation, visibility and credibility in the marketplace
  • give your customers assurance regarding the quality of services and facilities you provide
  • increase customer satisfaction and the potential of repeat business
  • give you a competitive advantage over non-accredited businesses

Being quality graded can also open a range of promotional opportunities for your business, such as:

  • using approved and highly recognizable plaques, logos, signage, etc to highlight and promote your “CHECKT’OUT by CHECKT’IN” rating
  • Access to Explored and Approved Preferred Suppliers to the hospitality industry 
  • Loads of marketing for your business through advertising, promoting, competitions, feature articles AND direct booking portals. 

Finally, participating in quality rating programs will provide you with access to expert advice, training opportunities and ongoing support from the CHECKT’IN team. Our assessor team members will assess your business annually and advise you on how to maximise the potential of your business

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