Crazy Caravans

As I’m sure that most of you who follow my blog and follow me on Facebook will know, I am crazy about small, compact, old (vintage you may say) caravans. Oh yes…and tractors! I love tractors. People like me always have to have “projects”. Without projects, we are just miserable, so years ago I decided I needed a camper-van or caravan project.   For years I have been looking for an old caravan that I can strip, refurbish and “do up”. The one time I had the opportunity to buy one, Captain Clev said I should just wait a little bit, and the very next week it was sold!  It was perfect! The moral of this paragraph…if you see something you want, and you have the money, GET IT!  Anyway…since then I have been on the hunt and have not yet seen anything I am looking for. 

Most people ask why and what I want it for.  Well this is why – When I have finished refurbishing, and if it is roadworthy, I want to travel around the country with it.  It will be painted with flowers and squiggly buildings and houses and will definitely be a show-stopper – ha ha ha.  (Either because it looks crap or because it looks stunning) Why else would someone want a caravan? If it is not roadworthy, then it will be parked  on the farm and used as a guest room.  Cap is always telling me to PLAN PLAN PLAN and work with a strategy.  Well enough with the planning now. How long can someone plan until they do something about it???  So here is the strategy – save up for the caravan, (busy with that) find the caravan (looking for that), buy the caravan and bring the caravan home. Then the fun begins…

Once we have found what we are looking for, then we will move onto the interior, so here are some ideas.  Tell me which is your favourite?

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