A2A Expedition. Graeme Bell.

c7d1c0_52ccc52bc8384823b9e56e9c9b4228deWe first met Graeme back when he was a YOUNG teenager…actually a tween .  Graeme and my little brother Brian were best friends and got up to all sorts of crap. . c7d1c0_8f872d9acea64bfb88ad1be7c3818b10

 As they grew into amazing, insightful young men, both had wonderful dreams and aspirations to travel and change the world. c7d1c0_960905eadd954d5e99ba61e80e3ec36cBrian went on to travel to Denmark, Israel, Sweden, England, Egypt and many other countries and eventually landed up coming back to South Africa with his dear Anna, to pursue his dream of living and working in the bush.  Sadly his life was cut short at the age of 29, when he was killed in a car accident in Hoedspruit.  c7d1c0_e683a85a70da4455943ae48a0e08d4e6Graeme, ever the crazy one, decided to travel the world in his trusty landie…mmmmm…how trusty I dont know .  A2A 1Him and his gorgeous GingerNinja (as he affectionately calls her) Luisa and their two children, Keelan and Jessica have traveled the whole of South America and parts of North America, and have NO intention of stopping any time soon. So so proud!!!  c7d1c0_86ef027fb2e44bdea54654820916e99c Follow our Graeme and his family as they bring amazing stories and adventures to life, for us to enjoy with them.  http://www.a2aexpedition.com/  All photos courtesy of A2A Expedition website.  

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