India Odyssey: Part 1 – getting there.

It’s taken me time to get my head around writing about our recent trip to India.  Why you ask?  Well most travel writers write about the fabulous places they have been to and the amazing experiences they had, but very few, in my opinion, write about a place they have been to that has challenged every aspect of their being, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. So after a lot of debate with myself, i have decided to write the most honest account of our trip, from my perspective.

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The Green Lantern Inn. Van Reenen Pass. A short history

I came across this very interesting article about the history of Van Reenen pass, and the Green Lantern Inn. Just had to share it.  Courtesy of The Green Lantern Inn website. GREEN LANTERN


Van Reenen is a spectacular tourist region – one of those unknown gems that you seldom discover and when you do you say to yourself “that was a highlight of my trip”. Van Reenen offers gracious splendour to rural simplicity with many varied and interesting historical places.Oaklands VAN REENEN

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“Harties” The Hartebeespoort Dam Wall

download (1)Having driven over the Hartebeespoort Dam Wall many times, the construction of the wall has always fascinated me.  So before I introduce my next stunning reviewed establishment, which happens to be in Hartebeespoort,   I took some time to do some research and came up with the following…   (Most of the info gleaned from  

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