Having been following Warren and his spectacular art work on FB and his website,  it has been my desire to meet with Warren for the longest time and see his art first hand. Last week, on a trip to Hoedspruit, I finally had the opportunity to meet with this incredible man and amazing artist at his gallery – Warren Cary Wildlife Gallery



(https://www.facebook.com/Warren-Cary-Wildlife-Gallery-1107768509328599/)  I must admit, seeing his work ‘in the flesh’ was pretty intimidating.  We all think we are pretty good at the art we do and admittedly, all our styles and creations are different BUT witnessing this was on another level.

 Seeing the detail in every single piece of art was breathtaking . Every hair, every feather is perfect, making a lot of his work so accurate that it looks like a photograph.   Warren’s medium of choice is graphite pencil and pastels, although he is experienced in all mediums.  (Check out the gallery on his website)  He likes to use his own photos as reference but sometimes gets the opportunity to use other photographer’s photos.  He also JUST happens to be the brand ambassador for Faber-Castell in South Africa.  (and all I wanted to be was a humble sales rep for Faber-Castell!! )  http://www.fabercastell.com

And the man… I didn’t really know what to expect but at first sight I knew this was a man whom other artists admire and respect.  Easy going, easy to talk to and just an all round humble nice guy who loves his family, loves his work, loves where he lives and loves life.    Warren is  ‘all-about-the-detail’ and has no airs and graces about himself or how fantastic his artistic ability is.  A man who believes in “giving back” and willing to share his knowledge and experiences freely.   Warren admits that he is meticulous, even sharing that he lines up all his pencils and pastels before he leaves his studio in the evenings.   (best he NEVER see my studio…ha ha ha)    

Below is an extract from his website http://www.warrencaryartist.com                                    Warren Cary was born 14th June 1969 in Johannesburg, South Africa.
​He is an award-winning artist who specialises in drawing and painting the wildlife of Africa. He resides in Hoedspruit, a small town situated next to the Greater Kruger. Warren takes his inspiration from the wildlife that surrounds him daily.
His love for all fauna and flora is reflected in the detailed work that he produces and his preferred mediums are pastel and graphite pencil.
​Despite having won worldwide acclaim for his artwork he is not content to rest on his laurels and amongst other pursuits is the founder artist for the African Detail clothing brand, gallery owner and mentor for other budding artists. 

Partnering with some of the fabulous lodges in the area, Warren intends doing workshops and believe me, I am going to be first in-line!   These workshops and art retreats will fall over a few days, where the artists and participants will get the opportunity to learn from Warren, as well as experience the bush, the wildlife and the lodges first hand. For more details about the workshops, contact Warren directly at ​warren@detailsofafrica.com or send me a message here – shelbewhere@gmail.com.  We will definitely keep you updated.   You can also follow Warren on Facebook and keep an eye on his new commissions – https://www.facebook.com/WarrenCaryWildlifeArtist/ 


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