As promised, here is the telling about my incredible trip from South Africa to New Zealand on board QANTAS Business Class and Premier Economy Class.  Did you know that QANTAS is an acronym for ” Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services”?  Well I had no clue till I asked one of the amazing crew members during my flight.  It was then that I decided to do some research and find out more about this fabulous airline. P.s. Qantas Airways Limited is also known as “The Flying Kangaroo”.


Queensland in 1920, with a single aircraft, an Avro 504K, 
purchased for £1425.  Three guys, namely Sir Hudson Fysh  (1895-1974), Paul McGinness (1896-1952) Sir Fergus McMaster (1879-1950) got together and saw the great benefits that aviation would bring to the people of Western Queensland.  A fourth guy, namely W Arthur Baird (1889-1954) joined a short while later and was responsible for the excellent engineering that QANTAS has never lost, connecting Australia to the world.

At this moment QANTAS have an impressive fleet consisting of the Qantas A330, Qantas A380, Qantas B787, Qantas B747-400, Qantas B737-800 and the Qantas B717.

I HAVE TO mention that QANTAS have a division (don’t know if division  the correct word to use) called “Flying Art”.  As you will know, this REALLY impressed me.  The “Flying Art” series, which involved working and collaborating with the Australian design Studio, Balarinji, is a project where individual artists were commissioned to design and produce some of the most striking and original looking aircraft to ever take to the sky.  To see and read more about this, check out the webpage –

I did not know i would be flying business class till I got to the airport and checked in. You can just imagine my excitement. So excited that I hugged the check-in lady. I quickly got back my composure and suddenly took on the persona of someone who frequently flies Business Class (you know…the smug look).  I was lead…yes…lead to the business and first class lounge, aptly named The Shongololo Lounge.  Here one can sit around and “lounge”,  while sipping on cocktails and snacking on the top-quality cuisine on offer. The décor and service is VERY impressive, with waiters standing by to see to your every need. Showers and bathroom facilities are available just in case you feel you want to “freshen up” before your long flight. (so wish I could insert smiley faces here) Business class passengers get preferential treatment and can board first, normally through a separate entrance to the “cattle class” passengers. Cattle class is my normal mode of flight, so I know the feeling of having to walk past the business class passengers with an envious ‘feel sorry for me’ look on my face. This time I got to go through that separate entrance and was shown to my seat by the most obliging hosts and hostesses.  There is an Afrikaans saying that says “aan niks gewoond”.  It basically means “not used to anything”.  This usually applies when one gets to experience something out of the ordinary, that is usually reserved for the rich and famous and behaves inappropriately. Mmmmm…well I must admit I had to keep reining myself in to NOT be “aan niks gewoond”.  I had to be especially strict with myself when I saw the “goody bag”, where I knew (from doing some research) that it contained toiletries, socks, an eye mask and…. cotton pajamas with the Qantas logo on the front. Oh my goodness…I think I was more excited about the pajamas than I was about my seat.   I suppose it’s pointless to remind you that the seats in business class recline into REAL beds. They are spacious, very like the “lazyboy” chairs one can buy for your lounge, except these recline completely.  Passengers are provided with a crisp clean sheet as well  as a very comfy duvet and proper pillows (not the little square tissue thin ‘pillow’ that one finds in Economy class) Because of the high sides of the chair, one feels completely private.  This is especially comforting if you tend to snore or splutter while sleeping. The sides have within them, a remote for the swing out flat screen TV, with an array of movies, series and documentaries available to watch during the flight. A small panel in the arm rest is your very own massager. You can click and maneuver buttons that can give you an all over back and leg massage or if you don’t feel like the full Monty, you can just have your lower back massaged.  Heavenly!! So while you are testing out all the gadgets, checking to see what delights await you in the specially designed toiletry bags, trying on your QANTAS branded pajamas or merrily chatting to your fellow Business Class passengers, a hostess lays the spacious drop down table in front of you with beautiful Marc Newson designed tableware, in preparation for dinner.

Meals on board the QANTAS flights deserve a whole paragraph to themselves. Well presented menus are passed to the passengers soon after take-off. As soon as everyone is well settled, the flight crew come to take your orders.  Oh my goodness…the mouth waters just thinking about it.  As my flight was throughout the night, I was obviously given the dinner menu. I chose the Sri Lankan Lamb curry with spinach and basmati.  I don’t usually favour any sort of curry, but this was cooked to absolute perfection.  Not hot and not too spicy. Just right.  For dessert, I had the apple and blueberry crumble with custard.  I was so tempted to ask for more, but held back because I was ‘supposed’ to be on diet. Snacks are available and served throughout the flight, as well as select award winning wines and champagnes.

I had a good 6 hours sleep, in my QANTAS pajamas and pressure socks and woke up feeling refreshed and ready for the next leg of my journey. (No kankles or swollen legs)  Having had this amazing experience, I doubt I’m ever going to want to fly any other way again.  Thank you, QANTAS, for giving me the opportunity to experience that “QANTAS MAGIC”. Check out the QANTAS website at and have a look at their FB page –



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