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A few months ago I was drawn a post on FB   from Marishka at Muppy Lounge  calling for people to do product reviews for her stunning rage of clothing. What struck me, even before I read the post, was the gorgeous illustrations. I LOVE illustration.  Marishka was calling for moms to do product reviews.   Even though I am a blogger, I didn’t really fit the bill, (I am over 50 and have grown up sons) but decided to send her a mail anyway. To my surprise I received a reply from this beautiful woman, telling me that the deadline date had come and gone but she would make an exception and send me some of her products. 

Firstly allow me to tell you about this incredible woman…  Besides being the mommy of four kiddies, Marishka is also a model, illustrator, designer and artist, among other things. I have no idea how old she is, but from the look of her, she’s probably about 21 (wink wink) and just beautiful. She does all the work for Muppy Lounge except for the printing and labeling.  This she sends off to an NPO’s, namely BIBI HEARTS and a company based in Welkom, ACTION SIGNS AND SCREEN PRINTS You can read all about these two companies on Marishka’s website

Very soon after chatting to Marishka, I received my ‘package’.  Oh my goodness…what an awesome package it was. All her products are packaged in these tin-can like cylinders with stunning branding, making you want to tear open that top and see whats inside. I had to hold my sister and nieces back from opening the package before I could! 

The products.  My beautiful package contained a black and a white pair of panties, and a gorgeous white T-shirt, all with Marishka’s  signature robot illustrations beautifully printed on them.  As I am a rather busty babe…ha ha ha…the T-shirt was slightly tight for me, so I asked my niece to try it out on my behalf.  She LOVED it.   Comfortable and soft to the touch, she wore the T-shirt everywhere (and still does).  Her feedback – “wherever I went, people asked me where I got my stunning T-shirt from.  I even slept in it to see how comfy it was. The feel was perfect and the fit was perfect. The only changes I would make would be to put a sewn hem in the sleeves and the bottom edges”. 

The Panties – Oh my goodness…I was blown away that I finally found a pair of cotton panties that actually comfortably covers my ‘muffin-tops’.  When it comes to underwear I’ve past the stage of worrying about the colour or what pics are on the fabric.  I want softness and comfort and that is exactly what I got. 

Thank you Marishka for the opportunity to review your awesome products.

For more info and to find out what Marishka is bringing out next, visit her website and her Facebook page –  Many thanks to Nadia from for allowing me to use some of her photos.  Much appreciated. 



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  1. Thank you for this stunning Review Shelby! Loved reading it and had to chuckle to myself a few times! Tell your niece we have tees with hems and without so we are definitely the place to shop for her ?

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