Kromdraai: Cradle of Humankind – Recent History Project


Before this area was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is was known as Kromdraai (and still is actually ) Before this, we had a tight knit community of crop farmers and game farmers who spent Christmas together, had New Year’s parties together and had the 6 monthy “opskop” at Oom Paul’s farm (now known as Nirox).


Those were wonderful, carefree days when Trevor Roberts was still known as the unofficial “Mayor of Kromdraai” and Oom Paul used to take all our kids for spins on his ox-wagon (which he spanned in on his own by-the-way!). He could knock a cigarette out your mouth with one crack of his whip!


The roads weren’t tarred so we had no annoying cyclist  and the best fun was when it rained and we had to pull the “townies” with their silly 4 x 4’s out the mud with our tractors and 1.5L golf’s . Fabulous days  


The men who owned and worked the farms were rough and tough and were known as “The Kromdraai Cowboys” . (some of the present residents still call themselves The Kromdraai Cowboys!)  The women fell into the same category 


Some friends and historians are busy compiling a “Recent History of Kromdraai” book and we are appealing to anyone who has information about the area, the farmers who lived in the area, interesting stories of the characters etc, to please contact us.  We would love to hear from you.


Forest mountain and blue sky


You can email Shelby at or with any info or old photos you may have of ‘the early days’ in Kromdraai. 



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