Delhi Deluge.


It’s taken me ages to knuckle down and write about our trip to India.  Sorry folks, but I am getting to it.   In the meantime, here are some  pics from a ‘quick’ little rain storm in Delhi on our last day in India.

11(The pics are not great as we were driving and I couldn’t get clear shots)   Its crazy to explain… One minute all is clear, and the next it is as if someone is standing above you pouring a huge bucket of water over your head.  7That lasts for about 15 minutes to half and hour, and then its gone! Because the streets don’t have adequate drainage systems, the water rises in the streets and it is not uncommon to see a motor bike floating down the road. 6 No-one stresses.  They just wait for the rain to stop, walk down the road and fetch their bike, and off they go again .  It takes another half an hour or so for the rain to drain away.12

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