Bloggers and Entrepreneurs to watch

There are some people whom I follow religiously online.  Among them are Seth Godin, an entrepreneur and blogger,   –,  Simon Sinek , British-American author, motivational speaker and organisational consultant-,  Caroline Hurry,  author, travel writer and blogger –   and Marisa Peer,  who is a speaker, therapist, behavioural expert and Best-Selling author  –

I love these people because each and every time I listen to or watch them, I learn something fascinating,  exciting and something I can doodle about in my diary. (That’s the most rewarding – making art our of other peoples’ words )

For the time being, I will be sharing some of their amazing insights, videos and podcasts because I really believe they all have something important to say, and add to our lives.


This morning I came across this video from Seth Godin, and thought that it would be disservice to all my friend to NOT share it.  I’m warning you, its a long one, but keep watching.  Or put it on and just listen as you do something else. You wont be sorry.  <3

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